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Friday, September 19, 2014

Pre-destined to fail in Iraq

John Gabriel nails it:  Obama can't afford to win in Iraq.

Let’s be honest: No effort can be successful if the Commander-in-Chief is unwilling to even define victory. This semantic murkiness is intentional, since it provides maximum political cover for the poll-watching president. Obama can declare that we “degraded” the terrorist threat with a single air strike or a thousand.  
Obama does not want to win his new Iraq war. He can’t afford to. If the projection of American military power successfully solved the problem of Islamic terrorism, it would shatter Obama’s entire worldview.
This is what scares the hell out of me, along with the news that Obama is going to personally sign off on any airstrikes in Syria.  Because a Democrat personally controlling airstrike targets in war worked out so damn well the last time, right?  Obama is such an incompetent, buffoonish, narcissistic shitbag that he thinks he can wage war better than his generals can, and it's a war that he doesn't even want to win.

Therefore....  he's going to lose.  Which will cause untold amounts of pain and suffering.

Thanks for saddling us with this jackass, America!

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