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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Did Michael Brown deserve to get shot?

I don't know.  Nobody knows at this point, because the full investigation hasn't been released.

However, what we DO know at this point is that the narrative pushed by the Race War Poverty Pimps has been all lies.

They claimed Michael Brown was a "young kid".  He was a 6'4", 290 pound, 18 year old man.

They claimed that Michael Brown was shot in the back.  The autopsy proves all gunshot wounds were on his front.

They claimed that he was running away with his hands up.  The autopsy report proves that claim is a lie.

They claimed Michael Brown was just minding his business that day.  The video that came out, showing Brown and a friend robbing a convenience store and tossing around the poor clerk, proves that was a lie.

At this point, there are still two sides to every story.  The difference is, one side has pushed nothing but lie after lie after lie after lie.  And then that side looted and burned private businesses in their town, all while claiming to want "justice".  Because justice against the po-po involves burning down a private business, right?

Oh, and let's not forget the photos of that "young kid" flashing gang signs for his facebook feed.  Because all innocent young boys flash the Bloods sign.  It's a thing now, so I've been told.  Yeah.  Uh huh.

I still don't know if Michael Brown deserved to get shot.  But I do know that every statement made in support of Brown has been proven to be a lie.  And at that point, I'm going to lean on the side of "Dude needed ventilation" until proven otherwise.

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