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Monday, August 04, 2014

Brain dead

Anyone who's been reading me for a while knows that the quality of my writing has gone downhill in a big way.  And the reason is, quite simply, I'm brain-dead at this moment.

I keep forgetting the little things.  I keep forgetting the big things.  Hell, I showed up at church over an hour early yesterday, and couldn't figure out why anyone wasn't there.  I feel like I'm going senile, but I'm nowhere near that age.

A big part of it is my job.  It is a mind-numbing exercise in stupidity and futility, and I am honest when I say that every new day is worse than the last.  I have one year left in this hell hole, and then I'll move on to something that doesn't resemble an insane asylum.  Part of it is living in a polluted, filthy shithole of a city, where you are constantly under attack by something or someone.  I've had one or two good nights of sleep in the past three months, and that's it.  I'm sleep deprived beyond all get-out.  Between the shitty job and the hellish city, I'd rather be in Afghanistan.  At least in theater if I was being kept awake it was from out-going artillery.

I'm pretty sure that I'm on adrenaline overload at this point.

So I may have to have some pauses in the free ice cream every now and then.

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there, friend. This too shall pass.