Day by Day

Thursday, July 03, 2014

I wanted to go running today

Had on my shoes, dogs in tow, ready to go.

Stepped outside into some of the nastiest smog I'd seen here.  I tried to go, I really did, but I was a quarter-mile in and my chest was getting tight, I was coughing, and I could taste the metallic tang of smog in the back of my throat.

I hate this place.  I hate this disgusting, polluted, nasty shithole that I'm forced to live in.  I hate the fact that I have to hide indoors because the air is so dirty that normal human activity causes me to break out into a coughing fit.  Hell, I've had a cough for the past two months, and I'm not sick, I'm just sucking this foul, nasty, polluted Los Angeles air into my lungs.  I cannot wait until I can escape from this third-world shithole masquerading as an American city.  Los Angeles needs to fall off into the ocean and drown, for the good of the rest of the country.

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