Day by Day

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Get your coats ready

Despite the unholy heat in Los Angeles, which is probably due to it being next-door to hell, the rest of the world seems to have a small little trend going on.

Folks, global warming is a hoax, OK?  It's a hoax created and maintained by people who want money; they want your money if they can guilt it out of you, and they want government money for saying all the right things.  When the people who scream the loudest also do the very things they claim to be against, you cannot take them at their word, can you?  Hell no, you cannot.

Stop worrying about the globe warming up.  Buy coats.  And long-johns.  If you're up North, lay in a supply of firewood.  There is no such thing as "Global Warming" but there ARE such things as an Ice Age.


bbuddha said...

well that was depressing, I live very north. I wondered, why the caterwauling about global warming? we can survive that. Surviving a significant cooling will be much trickier. Our growing season here is already very short.

Mark Philip Alger said...

Recent studies (of the actual -- you know -- DATA) reveal that there has been no warming for the past 35 -- that's **THIRTY FIVE** -- years. IOW, for as long as this panic has been being merchandized by the panic merchant warmistas, it HASN'T BEEN HAPPENING. It always was a fraud. It's not a case where somebody started out with good intent and got corrupted along the way. Their intent was in bad faith from the start.

No protestations of innocence withstanding.


Ragin' Dave said...

My retirement villa is in Northern Idaho. As in, farther North than most people in the USA actually think is our country.

I plan for the next ice age. It makes it easier to scare the bastards off my lawn when my lawn is a glacier, and I need to spread some rock salt anyways.