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Friday, July 25, 2014

A 115db wake-up

The Ragin' Mrs. has had several run-ins with people on the local bike path who are exercising with their earphones in.  This causes people to not hear the ringing of a bicycle bell, or the call of "ON YOUR LEFT", or much of anything to be honest.  And if people stayed to the right and let faster folks pass on the left it wouldn't be much of a problem.

But since people seem to think that taking up the entire bike path and drowning out any kind of outside noise is a perfectly grand idea, there are problems.  And the Ragin' Mrs. has almost wrecked her bike trying to avoid these morons who can't be bothered to know what is going on around them.

So today, I had to get new pedals for my bike, as I'd thrashed the old ones into twisted bits of plastic.  We ride to the bike shop, I get my pedals, we buy some chain lube, and the Ragin' Mrs. picks up a 115db air horn that mounts to your handlebars.

Oh, yeah, baby!

You fill up a small air tank with your bicycle pump, up to 100 psi.  You can control the volume on the horn, but at full blast it'll kick-start your adrenaline glands.

So the next time someone veers into her lane because they're too lost in their own little world, they're gonna get a 115db wake-up call.

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