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Saturday, June 28, 2014

What is a "real" education worth?

Patrice Lewis has a post up questioning the value of a "real" college education.  I won't paraphrase what she said, you can go read it over there when you want to.

As part of her post, she links to Survival Blog, where they write that becoming self sufficient is better than going to college.

Here's my take (and you just knew I had a take on it):  Excepting the hard sciences such as math and engineering, I would rather hire someone with an honorable discharge from the military rather than someone with a four-year degree.

Now, obviously I'm somewhat biased, and I'll admit to that.  However, I'll point out that I've seen more than my share of people with an Honorable Discharge who still couldn't pour piss out of a boot if you printed instructions on the heel.  It's just that the ratio of worthless morons grows exponentially when you start looking at people with fancy sheepskins hanging on their wall.

What does a four (or five!) year degree mean these days?  Most likely, it means that you can successfully regurgitate all the hard-Left shibboleths on command, and have most likely been indoctrinated into some of the most toxic, anti-American thinking you can find in this country.

What does an Honorable Discharge mean?  Most likely it means that you can work in a team, can both give and receive orders and follow them out, and kept your nose clean and out of trouble for a goodly number of years.

"B-b-b-but, DAAAAVE!  What schooling does that military guy have that can help you in your business, huh?  Just what does he KNOW?!?!"

Hell, what schooling does that college graduate have that will help me with my business?  Tell me just what some Film Studies major can do for me?  Oh, you have a degree in English?  That's wonderful, exactly how are you going to help me sell food or plan my business?

Don't even get me started on "Wymens Studies".  I think that any college that offers a gender-based degree needs to be shut down for Grand Larceny.

And if you truly do want an education, in this day and age of online schooling you can get a degree at just about any time.  Hell, I'm getting my degree right now, and it's been years since I stepped foot into a traditional classroom.  And I will not pay to set foot in a traditional classroom in any case, as I don't wish to be exposed to far-Left propaganda disguised as education.  I don't have that problem with my online school.

Now keep in mind that when it comes to things like designing and building bridges or skyscrapers, or heavy manufacturing, or being a doctor, you obviously need schooling.  I got it.  There are some degrees that are required for certain jobs.

But check out the ratios of hard science degrees to liberal arts degrees.  And let's be blunt; I'm not going to be hiring a doctor or an engineer to help me with my business.

So.....  what's a "real" education worth to you?

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Mark Philip Alger said...

The question, "What do they know?" is asked by folks who assume as their core conviction that subject competence is not necessary to a career in managment.