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Sunday, June 22, 2014

I almost never pay $15 for a book

Look, I'm not rich.  I'm not even close to being rich.  And even if I were rich, unless the book has a huge value to me in terms of research or personal education, I am not paying $15 for it.

And I'm certainly not paying $15 for an e-book.  Not gonna happen.  While the effort on the part of the author is the same, you don't have to print it.  You don't have to bind it.  You don't have to do anything that spits out a physical object.  That's the whole point of an e-book!  I have an entire library in my Kindle, and it's all digital.

So when I read things like this, about how a publishing company is supposedly preparing for the future, and part of that future is keeping the e-books they digitally publish at $14.99?

Yeah, good luck with that.  Because you won't be getting any of my money.  Hell, there are authors out there who I like and enjoy reading, and I won't spend $9.00 on their e-book either.  Because when it comes down to where my money goes, that $9 is a big chunk out of my personal finances.  People can try to say that it's only $9, but that cash has a name.  It's a truck in the future, or the next step to owning my own business once I retire from the military.  And while I appreciate what people write and I enjoy reading it, I read so quickly that my $9 amounts to an afternoon of reading.  If that.

No, I don't go to movies either.  Hell no.  Not only do I refuse to pay the salaries of a bunch of snotty Leftist Hollywood douchebags who hate me and everything I stand for, but I refuse to take out the second mortgage on my house to pay for the popcorn and soda.  Screw that noise.  Take the wife to a movie, or take that money and cook dinner for three nights?  Hmmmmmm, hard choice, right?

So anyways, anyone who thinks that I'm going to spend $15 on an e-book is probably going to be out of business sooner or later.  I'm guessing sooner.

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