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Monday, June 23, 2014

Here, let me piss some people off

Instapundit linked to an advice column about a female who's male partner is upset because she won't do things with him that she has done for previous boyfriends.  See, this girl was COMPLETELY HONEST (all caps in the original, so you know she's all like, swearsies and stuff!) with her boyfriend, and now she's hurt because HE is upset over the fact that she used to be a little freak in the bedroom, but now she's not.

Now, while I'm all up for mocking people who write in to an advice column, I really wanted to comment on what the columnist herself wrote:

He is the one who has to get past it, and it doesn’t sound as if he’s trying. If he won’t try, then I don’t see any other answer than to break up. 
I can’t speak for you, but “all I’ve ever wanted in a partner” is someone who accepts me as-is. You don’t have that — he’s punishing you for who you are. Are, were: Same diff, by the way.
Emphasis mine.  Pardon me, but what an absolute load of horse-shit.  This guy is "punishing" his girlfriend?  This guy has to "get past it"?  Screw you, you sanctimonious feminist cow.

Let's try on this perspective, shall we?  Girlie used to be a freak in the bedroom.  Guy is perfectly fine with her being freaky in the bedroom, and says "Hey, cool, let's get freaky!"  Girlie says "No, not with you, I don't do that anymore."

What the fucking fuck?  So all those other guys were good enough to get freaky with, but your boyfriend isn't?  All those other guys were worthy of sexual escapades, but your current boyfriend isn't?  Those other guys got your "A" game, but your current boopsie only rates your "B" game?

In short, it's another variation of a girl burning through all the bad boys, until she's ready to settle down and then she wants to find a "nice guy".  "OK, I've had my fun, now it's time for you to take care of me and forget that I did anything in the past!"

Not just no but hell no.

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