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Thursday, June 26, 2014


I just spent a goodly amount of time and two cans of spray-paint covering up graffiti that was left on my wall by one of Los Angeles' junior criminals.

I have actual fantasies about catching these parasitic shitstains in the act, and beating them so fucking hard that they have to wear diapers and helmets for the rest of their miserable lives.  I want to break them in half and shit in their mouth before throwing them into the road and letting traffic run over their broken bodies all day long.

Worthless, gutless, pathetic, parasitic, criminal maggots.  And I would bet my entire paycheck that they're huge Obama fans.

I cannot wait to leave this disgusting shithole.

1 comment:

Bob S. said...

Suggest this post gets heavily revised just in case you ever do catch one.

No need to have evidence of prior planning available