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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Democrats always throw away military victory

My father served two tours in Viet Nam, and then watched as the Democrats in Congress cut all aid and support to South Viet Nam, ensuring that North Viet Nam would win the war.

I'm watching Iraq collapse because the Democrats once again surrendered, ran away, gave up, pissed their pants, sniveled, and cut support to Iraq.  Cut support?  Hell, cut off DIPLOMACY.  Acted like Iraq didn't exist.  Turned their back and slithered as far away from Iraq as possible.

Watching Obama throw away every sacrifice we made in Iraq makes me want to puke.  I think I have an understanding of how my father felt as the helicopters were leaving Saigon.

Given how the Democrat American Communist Party behaves while their in power, why would any single country ever trust America to be an ally, when they know that all it takes is one election, one dipshit like Obama being thrust forward onto a stage he cannot and will not be prepared for, to throw that bond into the trash?

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Anonymous said...

After a tour in 'Nam & an extension, I watched Saigon fall over a beer after work. I'm proud to say I never again voted for a Democrat.