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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Good God....

I knew P.J. O'Rourke could be acidic when he wants to be - this letter to the 2014 graduates of Rutgers University is like forcing them to take a bath in hydrochloric acid, and then dumping a little lemon juice on them for good measure.

You need to study history, so that it doesn’t come around again and, per Santayana, bite you in the Ukraine. You’re thinking, “Santayana—historically great guitar player.” 
You need philosophy, not the modern bull session kind but the Socratic method of “What the hell am I thinking?” And what the hell were you thinking, majoring in History of Film? At least you got to see So-crates in action in Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure
You need literature and the arts so you can read something longer than a Beyoncé tweet and throw Bartok into the iPod mix and hear what Jay Z is up against experimenting with music.

The more I look at modern universities, the more I see indoctrination centers full of group-think and people striving to be the most special victim, because victimhood trumps accomplishment on a college campus.

I'll get my degree online, thank you.  Less victimhood bullshit, more learning.

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