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Friday, April 18, 2014

One of those days

I spent most of yesterday ready to blow....

Not a good day.  Not a good day at all.

(Wha?  No, that ain't me.  That's a graphical representation of what my day felt like.)

((Yes, that's an ANTI AIRCRAFT ARTILLERY shell shoved up some old man's patoot.))

1 comment:

CigarNick said...

Isn't it dangerous for that guy to put that stuff there?

Sounds awful messed up.

Sorry to hear you had a bad day, I'm guessing tax season isn't going to make that better. Anyway, I see you list Cigars International in your Be a Man section. I'm trying to start an online cigar store called TrueTobacco dot com - Would you mind including us in that list if possible? I've included a link to your site in our resources section.