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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

This is why we're not voting ourselves out of this mess

We are now at the point where unelected bureaucrats create a new entitlement program that spends over half a trillion dollars, and there's not a damn thing people can actually do about it.

The committees’ report does not provide a complete picture of how Treasury, the IRS, and HHS conspired to create this new entitlement program. Treasury and the IRS have refused to show certain documents to congressional investigators. Even when they are willing to share documents, they allow investigators to review them only briefly, without taking notes.

The IRS has shown itself to be a completely immoral, politically charged thug-ocracy wholly devoted to the Democrat American Communist Party and the destruction of the Republic.  It needs to be destroyed.  As Insty put it, "Heads should roll. And I’m not even sure I mean just figuratively, if this is true." 

I'm willing to get that if you started hanging the IRS leadership from lamp-posts in D.C., these problems might end pretty quickly.

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