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Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Publik Skool Sistim

Folks, I wasn't a big fan of the publik skool sistim to begin with.  Common Core just made my distaste for publik skool even worse.  Do please follow that link and watch the video to see examples of how badly our children are being screwed with in their supposed education.

The Publik Skool Sistim in this country is not educating our kids.  The Publik Skool Sistim is teaching our children to be uneducated and ignorant drones.  I honestly believe that the Publik Skool Sistim is designed to provide a permanent slave class to the elites who go to private schools or some other schools that actually teach and educate the children.  A slave class that is incapable of learning anything beyond what they've been fed for twelve years in publik skool.

So, to wit:  After undergoing the indoctrination sessions in your local Publik Skool Sistim, your children will not be able to do math, but they'll know how to masturbate by the fourth grade.  Isn't that all just progressive and stuff?

Imagine a stranger came up to your son on the playground and said: “Hey little boy, if you touch yourself it’ll feel good and tingly. I drew some cartoons of kids masturbating. Wanna see?” What would you do? Would you shake his hand and thank him for the helpful sex ed lesson? Or would you call the cops and see to it that this sicko has to alert the neighbors every time he changes his address?

There is no discernible distinction to be drawn between the creep on the playground and the public school official who approves this kind of material for children. This is child abuse, plain as day.
I would destroy the Department of Education faster than my dog jumps on a dropped piece of steak if I could. 


P2 said...

I truly fear for our future. I am relieved I won't be around much longer to witness the descent into the maelstrom. I offer for your consideration: I've very recently started a new job wrenching on MH-60 helicopters for the Army as a civilian contractor. While going through a flight control rigging class with 8 or 9 young GI's, I discovered several of the kidiots couldn't read a ruler. Nor could they do the simple math reducing 12/16ths to its way more common 3/4. As for converting said fractions to their decimal equivalent? The Cubs have a better chance of winning the World Series....

Ragin' Dave said...

Like I said - a permanent slave underclass. In order for the elites to live in their realm, they need a permanent group of people who are too ignorant and uneducated to lift themselves up any higher than servile work. What the publik skool sistim is doing at this time is building a caste system here in the USA, with publik skool gradjewits as the lower caste.