Day by Day

Friday, February 21, 2014

Challenge Accepted

A while back my team was discussing different breakfasts we had enjoyed (any military unit will have at least one discussion a day regarding food), and we began tossing around concepts for food that we might like.  Of course, bacon featured heavily.  So did coffee.  And chocolate.

Chocolate coffee bacon?

Challenge accepted.

I picked up a pork belly, and today mixed up a rub with all the requisite ingredients.  Salt, pepper, sugar, dark roast coffee, cocoa powder, and some spices.  I'm going to let it cure for at least a week, probably two, and then cold smoke it nice and slow with some plum wood that a friend gave me.  I'll cook some up before I go into work, pass it out, and tell them all to bow to the king, baby!


mostly cajun said...

Military breakfast?



Ragin' Dave said...

But you see, it's the eating of that SOS that makes you dream about and talk about all kinds of different foods.

I mean, you have to do SOMETHING in order to make the SOS taste good.

bbuddha said...

I discovered the joy of chocolate with beef when i found a chili recipe that used chocolate. yum. Yours sounds even better.