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Sunday, January 26, 2014

D&D turns 40

Damn, has it been that long?

My brother and I got into D&D when everything you needed came in a single box.  You would rub the numbers on the dice with crayons to get them to stand out, as they were stamped yellow plastic that you couldn't see otherwise.

Then Advanced D&D came out.  I had a first generation Monster's Manual.  Way back when computers had big floppy disks (ask your parents, kids!) my dad had a dot-matrix printer, and my brother and I were able to develop a printable character sheet on Dad's IBM computer, which made us rather popular with the other kids who role-played.  I played all the way up through high school, got into some other games, and then just kind of dropped them all when I graduated high school - between moving around, working my tail off and later joining the Army, I never had the time or the people to play.  But it was fun, and I don't regret all the nights I spent playing. 

 Forty.  Geesh.  It can't be that old.  I can't be that old!  Are we sure it's turning forty?

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