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Saturday, December 28, 2013

How I loathe this facist state

If you'd like to find a gas station that sells non-ethanol polluted fuel, there's a map for that!

Now, look at Kalifornia on that map.

The ethanol they put into gas steals at least three miles per gallon from me.  My little Scoot has a ten gallon tank, and when I run non-ethanol, I get at least 250 miles from that tank, and that's in stop-and-go traffic.

Put in the ethanol crap, and it drops to 210-200 per tank.  I have to purchase a gallon and a half MORE of the ethanol crap to drive the same distance as normal, unpolluted gasoline.  And gas ain't cheap here in this filthy fucking fascist freakshow of Los Angeles. 

I cannot wait to leave this fucking hell-hole for good.  I'm going to piss on the "You're Leaving California!" sign they have at the border, and I'm never looking back.  And never coming back.  Fuck this commie-run septic-tank of a state.  It could fall into the ocean and I wouldn't give a shit.


AndyN said...

Curse you! You went and got my hopes up. There's a pin on the town a few miles up the road, but on closer examination it's a speed shop that sells racing fuel.

Ragin' Dave said...

Hey, at least you can buy that! Take a look at Los Angeles. See any little markers around there?

Hell no. Because LA blows. That's why it's so windy in the Central Valley - San Fran sucks and LA blows.

Eric Wilner said...

And it's mighty hard to get cold-weather windshield washer fluid, too; I've taken to dumping rubbing alcohol in the washer tank when the mornings get frosty.
Tennessee is looking more inviting every day. And just look at all those blue map pins!