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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The wages of feminism

Now apparently include Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery.

Look ladies, I'm about to lay down some serious advice for you, mm'kay?  If you can offer your man something else besides just sex, you don't need to have any doctor take a scalpel to your cooter.

I mean, let's just break down what this surgery means, shall we?  Women, apparently so worried about what men thing of their va-jay-jay, are going under the knife to have plastic surgery on their genitalia in order to make it more attractive to men.

So what these women are saying is that they only important thing they have to offer men, the thing that they are spending thousands of dollars on improving as a way of attracting a mate, is their pussy.

I want you to think about that.  This is what the sexual "revolution" has wrought.   This is the end result of the feminist movement, that supposedly "freed" women from the bondage and slavery of the oppressive patriarchy.  "I'm my own woman!  I'm free to do whatever I want!  And I'm going to slice my vagina in order to get men to notice be, because I'm free from all that silly man-centered stuff!"

Gosh, aren't we all modern and liberated and stuff?

And of course men, freed from their responsibilities of being a husband and a father by a society that tells them they are unimportant and expendable, are constantly offered a revolving course of rejuvenated pussy, which they will use and discard as they wish.  Why bother supporting a woman and kids when you can just get rid of the old, tiresome wench and get a new one?  Yay Liberalism!  Yay Feminism!

Welcome to our world, folks.

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