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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sorry about the lack of posting yesterday

My day started off at 0700, and I didn't get home until well after 2000.  In any case, I spent a bit of the day reading about Iran, and about how Obama the complete incompetent fuck-up just gave them everything they wanted and didn't get a damn thing in return except a bunch of promises that everybody knows from the start aren't worth a roll of toilet paper.

You know, if you're in the "Let them all kill each other and burn the place down" frame of mind, Obama truly is the perfect president.  I can't think of any other person capable of giving Iran a nuclear weapon, allowing Syria to keep the WMD's it got from Saddam, alienating everyone in the Middle East, and setting up conditions for the entire region to go up in flames.

Then again, if you happen to like sanity, or a stable world, well, Obama is pretty much the antithesis of what you want.

Anyways, as I predicted when Obama the Nazi got elected, he would abandon our allies just as soon as he could.  Sorry, Israel.  Hey, at least you don't have to give a shit about what the American President thinks anymore, you can just do what you need to do and ignore whatever comes out of Obama's Marxist piehole.

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