Day by Day

Friday, November 22, 2013

Cooler weather

Dropped down into the 50's recently.  Great for running in the morning.  I'm out there in a t-shirt and shorts, watching what few locals are brave enough to dare the "arctic" temps struggle to jog while they're wrapped up like Nanook of the North. 

The parks have been rather peaceful.  Nobody to get in the way of the dogs and I as we make our trek. 

The driving, of course, has gotten worse.  Nothing like adding a little moisture to the roadways here to ensure that maximum stupidity commences!  More than once I've stifled the urge to lean out my window and ask the guy next to me if he got his license out of a CrackerJack box. 

I swear, the vast majority of this city would die in 24 hours if they were dropped into a rural town in the upper Midwest.  Maybe that's why I have daydreams about that very thing.

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