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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Compounding Failure

So, while reading this piece regarding a ProgNazi named Arne Duncan taking out his frustrations on "White Suburban Moms", I came to a point in the piece that I just really, really wanted to highlight:

A few years back, the Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard found that 12 percent of black 4th grade boys were proficient in reading — compared to 38 percent of white boys. It found that only 12 percent of black 8th grade boys were proficient in math — compared with 44 percent of white boys.

12% of black 8th graders are proficient in math.  44% of white 8th graders are proficient in math.

Less than half of the students in the 8th grade are proficient in math.  At a cost of roughly $9k per student nationwide, less than half the students are learning what they need to learn.  If that does not prove how worthless and damaging the publik skool sistim truly is, I don't know what else could be shown.

The rest of the piece highlights how the Federal Government is doing it's level best to prevent local and state leadership from improving their school systems.  It's rather sickening, when you realize that our schools are horrible failures because the FedGov is making them horrible failures.  We need to destroy the Department of Education, get rid of it completely, and start over fresh.  There can be no reform of a totally corrupted, debased system.

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