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Sunday, October 06, 2013

So let's sum up, shall we?

In a fit of temper rivaled only by my great-niece Alexis (who recently turned two), That Fucking Guy (henceforth TFG) currently using precious oxygen at #OccupyResoluteDesk has:

And then TFG has the nerve to go on TV and insist that people need to stop blaming Democrats for the slimdown, while Harry Reid flatly refuses to even offer eight, count 'em, EIGHT different spending bills passed by the House to fund the Monuments, to fund the VA, to fund the National Institute of Health, and several others, none of which have anything to do with Obamacare, come up for a vote, even though the bill to fund the military passed 97-0.

Because Harry knows that there would be an overwhelming surge of support for these bills if these Senators had to put their names on the record. Their party loyalty will insist that they support the President, and that the only possible solution will involve the Republicans giving in - again - but those speeches can't really be used against them, since it's the votes that count. Words are a politician's stock in trade, and they use them without even meaning it most of the time, but a vote is an action that has to be written down.

Which means it CAN be used against them by the folks back home who have to vote for them.

This is exactly the same reason that the Senate has not yet produced a budget in almost five years (check the counter over on the right)... because they all know that the only chance they have of getting this thing off the ground is for the public to not actually know what the numbers say. The CBO has put out these predictions that they admitted up front were bullshit, and the Dems have used these bullshit projections as actual facts when praising Obamacare. (Which brings up an interesting question: has Nancy found time to read it yet?) The only time Obama tried to put out a budget, it failed, 0-97. So they have been limping by on "Continuing Resolutions" instead of a budget, because the CRs merely extends the spending levels of the last actual budget passed, which was back when Obama was still a Senator.

But when the Senate actually puts out a budget, the numbers must be published, and that means the jig is up. For the Democrats, certainly, for the Republicans probably, and for the nation, possibly.

The only question is how far the rubble will bounce...

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alanstorm said...

IIRC, the White House is on federal land as well. Close it up, and kick out the squatters.