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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The reason the GOP is doomed in one headline

McCain delivers the Democrat response to Cruz.

Hey, tell me again why the GOP base never bothered to show up and vote for this worthless sack of crap in 2008?


Anonymous said...

I believe that McCain is riding on the coat-tails of his 5-plus years as a POW in VietNam. He does not seem to understand that that was then, this is now. Ans what is worse is that the Republican voters in Arizona keep buying into this. Those voter nedd to dte ther collective heads out of their asses and put a true Republican in and put McCain out to the Democrat pasture that he is so fond of.

Drumwaster said...

People who voted for him utterly forgot the backstabbing he tried to give to Bush (never mind all the badmouthing he did to Bush on the Senate floor) because Bush beat him in the 2000 primaries.

When it turned out that it was a 50-50 tie in the Senate, with the tie going to the Dems from Jan 3 until Jan 20 and the GOP thereafter, because the VP breaks any ties, and Congress convenes 17 days before Inauguration Day, the Dems were frantically seeking any way they could to disrupt the unwelcome agreement therein they would have "co-chairs" for all the committees, and divide up power.

No way in hell were they gonna live with that, so they started looking around for anyone on the GOP side to switch sides and give the Dems the 51-49 advantage they needed to override the loss of the Presidency. John McCain was one of two GOP Senators they settles on, and were closest to completing negotiations when Jeffords switched to "independent" instead in June, caucusing with the Dems.

Thus it went from 50R-50D to 50D-49R-1I(D), and McCain wasn't needed by either side, so he became a "maverick", voting with the Dems as often as his alleged own side.

Of course, the rest of America remembered, and gave the Senate squarely to the GOP (51R-48D-1I) next chance it got, buoyed by the new War on Terror.