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Friday, August 23, 2013

To add to yesterday's post

A few things struck me about how many ways the photographer's rights (the one I mentioned in yesterday's post) are being violated:

1st Amendment: right to religious freedom, right to freely associate, and the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances (unelected bureaucrats making the law say what it clearly does not, with no chance of appeal except to the Federal unelected bureaucrats).

13th Amendment: barring "involuntary servitude" (being forced to work for someone against your will, whether paid or not).

14th Amendment: guaranteeing Equal Treatment under the Laws (show of hands for those who think that the judge would similarly force the lesbian couple to pay for and erect a sign in their front yard condemning homosexuality).

Look, tolerance isn't a one-way ratchet. It has to work both ways. This photographer was not actively campaigning to prevent the lesbian couple from going through their ceremony, she was just choosing not to profit from endorsing it. "Live and let live", right?

Except that isn't good enough for the anti-American Americans out there who want to shatter the very society that has given them the rights they only recognize as clubs, useful only to batter unwilling people into compliance with their whims.

They claim to have the right to get married (even though the State they reside in doesn't recognize such marriages as valid or legal)? Fine. The rest of us have the right to not attend, and not to provide any material support in the furtherance of their goals. And as long as none of us violate any laws, we even have the right to protest against the ceremony, should we choose.

But to force someone to do something that violates their personal beliefs violates the compact between Citizen and State. This must not stand. This cannot stand.

This shall not stand.

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