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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Somebody said a bad word!

No, really some NFLer said a word which is so horrible, the consensus is that he needs to flay his own skin off his body, and parade it around the country while continuously running his penis through a wood-chipper and apologizing to anyone who comes within five hundred yards of his presence.

What's that word?  Huh.  Take a guess.  Anyone?  Anyone?

Fine, I'll say it:  Nigger.  The "N" word.  The word which is so horrible that it cannot be uttered by anyone except for ....

Rap Artists.  Anyone who happens to be black.  Or anyone who happens to fall under the Democrat Plantation's umbrella, in which case you can get a free pass, as Robert "Grand Klegal" Byrd.  Because a good-old white boy from West Virginia is all understanding and stuff, especially when he's part of the Democrat machine, so he gets a pass.

Seriously, is there anyone out there who can state with a straight face that this NFLer has never, ever ever evereverever in his life heard the word "Nigger" uttered in an NFL locker room?

Hell, are you telling me that they've never played a song from Ice-T?  Or Ice Cube?  I suppose the song "Straight Up Nigga" has never ONCE been played in a locker room, right?  All those players wearing their "Beats by Dr Dre" headphones should give them up, given how much money Dre has made using the word "Nigga", right?

From the uproar about this one guy, you'd think he'd been caught in bed with a live boy.  Or a dead girl.  Oh, wait, the Democrats have already tried to normalize that, so let me find another analogy.  You think he'd been caught personally clubbing a baby harp seal in the head while pissing on Old Glory and banging his brother's wife.

But not one peep about the use of the word "Nigger", or "Nigga", or any other variations of the N-word by folks who just happen to be black.   That's a double-standard in my book.

So this NFLer is getting beaten to death on national TV, while the actual use of the N-word goes on unabated by other folks with darker skin.  Look, folks:  If it's a word that should not be uttered because of how hateful it is, then let's enforce that standard.  But don't do it in some chicken-shit way, where only one group of people is banned from using a word.  Because that is...  well....  chickenshit.


Rivrdog said...

Let's see. It's not just chickenshit, it is a RACIST word that makes EVERYONE who uses it a racist, right? Not right? If those who say it's racist for me to use the word then use it themselves, but still call ME racist, then they are wrong, and it is they who are racist because they are the ones who have artificially divided the races.

Drumwaster said...

If it is racist for one person to say it, then it is racist for all people to say it. And if you are going to justify that racism by saying "well, we can't understand their experiences yadda yadda yadda", then you are proving your own racist tendencies by saying either a) "they can't help themselves" (and are thus inherently inferior) or b) "we should treat them differently based solely on skin color" (by allowing them offensive behavior for no other reason than "because it's them"...).

It is long past time that we start getting in the faces of anyone who immediately screams "racist" by pointing out both the flaws inherent in any ad hominem argument, and their utter lack of any kind of moral superiority. Scorched earth, no quarter. Make them wish you had merely been the Dread Pirate Roberts coming for their souls.

Anonymous said...

Years ago when I was in the Navy, four of us were wandering around in Seattle one night. A couple of black guys asked us what we thought of blacks. One of the Guys I was with said, "I really don't mind one way or the other about blacks, But I really hate a fucking nigger." And the fight was on and we all spent a couple of hours in the slammer.

What we have today is just another nigger couple and their kids living in public, but extremely expensive, government housing.