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Thursday, August 29, 2013

I really don't know what to say about this...

Well, I suppose I might know what to say, but every time I try to say it, it gets all garbled and comes out sounding a bit like "Fuck every one of those god-damned cock-gargling bitches up the ass with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire".  Funny, that.

As it turns out, the FBI quietly released the emails in an unclassified report on the shooting, which was produced by an investigative commission headed by former FBI director William H. Webster last year. And, far from being "benign," they offer a chilling glimpse into the psyche of an Islamic radical. The report also shows how badly the FBI bungled its Hasan investigation and suggests that the Army psychiatrist's deadly rampage could have been prevented.

Let me put it bluntly - the FBI, despite having proof that Nidal Hasan was talking to a radical terrorist iman about killing US Soldiers, allowed Hasan to continue being a FUCKING MAJOR IN THE UNITED STATES ARMY, and that allowed him to murder people at Fort Hood while screaming "ALLAHU ACKBAR".

So, to state the obvious - we now have a spy network in this country that spies on it's citizens but will not (not cannot, but WILL NOT) prevent a terrorist shithead from killing unarmed Soldiers on a military base.


On second thought, cover the baseball bats with broken glass.  Use the barbed wire to flog the fucking shit-eating assholes until they're dead.


Crotalus said...

No doubt, the worst enemy we, the People face is our own Goddamned government.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dave: Instead of beating around the bush about this, why don't you tell us what you really mean?

This so-called Major desperately needs executing immediately, if not sooner. Instead, we are going to have appeals for the next few dacades.

Back about 150 years ago, in the Little Rock, Arkansas area, there was a judge named Isaac Parker, aka The Hanging Judge. If a guy was sentenced to hang by Judge Parker, within 24 hours, sometimes even sooner, that guy would be swinging. We need tis kind of justice today, especially for assholes like that "Major".


Ragin' Dave said...

I volunteer to be part of Hasan's firing squad.

I'll even bring my own rifle and ammo.

Hell, I'll pay for my own ticket down there.

Crotalus said...

Know what I would do, Ragin' Dave? I would fry me some bacon, and use the leftover fat to grease my bullets. If Muslims fear pork so much, use it against them. Then I'd eat the bacon.