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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Bug Out Bags

I just read some damn good advice regarding a bug-out bag.  Given that this country is so huge, and I doubt there's two people who read this blog that face the same conditions in an emergency or natural disaster, this person's comment over at Rural Revolution made me want to repost it, both for it's insight and it's simplicity.

In the past, I heard a wilderness survivalist refer to what he call the "Five Cs" for basic survival.
They are:
1. A cutter. Some sort of a bladed instrument or multi tool.
2. A container. Something to hold your survival equipment and also serve as a water container and cooking implement.
3. A combustible. Some instrument that can be used to start fires.
4. A cover. Small tarp or poncho to provide shelter.
5. Cordage. A ball of heavy twine or 550 cord covers more uses than can be covered in just a few sentences.
You can pack these few very useful items with minimal weight and then expand your B.O.B. as circumstances dictate.

That's good advice right there.

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