Day by Day

Monday, May 13, 2013

pResident Pissy-Pants Press Conference

I did catch a bit of the thin-skinned pissy-pants bitch giving his press conference, where he called the Benghazi hearings a "sideshow".

Well, if there's one thing that gutless fucking cunt of a clown knows for certain, it's sideshows.

Does that sound mean and hateful?  Too bad.  Americans died while pResident Pissy-Pants ran off to Las Vegas for a fund-raising party.   I have as much care and concern for pResident Pissy-Pants as he had for the people who fought and died waiting for help that would never come.


Glenn B said...

Excellent commentary. I love it. pResident pissy pants!!!!!

Crotalus said...

He has finally outstripped Carter as the Worst President EVAH.

Soylent Sage said...

Who, President Scandal? IRS, EPA--twice, HHS, FBI, Benghazi. That's TWO three-ring circuses worth of impeachable offenses. Sideshow? No, this is the Big Top.
Pass the popcorn.