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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Obama blames Mexican violence on guns smuggled from USA

Holy.  F'n.  Crap.  The man personally responsible for the program responsible for giving guns to Mexican drug cartels wants to blame Mexican gun violence on the USA.

Well, in a way, he's right.  Obama is the President of the USA, and Obama is responsible for thousands upon thousands of guns being smuggled to the drug cartels.

But I don't think he means that, do you?  No, that god-damned communist anti-American traitor is trying to blame everybody else for the Mexican gun violence.   Fast and Furious?  He's never heard of it.  Really.  He says so.

God, he makes me sick. 

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Rivrdog said...

The PRI, a has-been, wannabe Marxist party that ran Mexico for 70 years, then got tossed for something more "conservative" (yeah, I know, PAN is nowhere near conservative), now has the Palacio Presidential back. Like we did, they elected a nobody to the office, a guy still wet behind the ears.

Obama knows he is weak, but he also thinks he would get a better deal somehow with the PRI instead of the PAN, so he's kissing the Presidente's culo right now. I guess he's secretly hoping that a maricon like he is will be tolerated by the Mexican people.