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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Mating Deception"

"Overspending may act as a false signal of wealth, and although it is a false signal, sometimes this deception is effective. In fact, given how core deception is in human mating, it seems clear that overspending has become a modern form of false signaling, or mating deception."

So says this essay, which I can't find too many things to argue with.  It's all about putting on that facade, to make women find interest in you.  Or men, I guess, although generally it's women who care about how much a guy makes, not the other way around.

Now....  let me ask this question - exactly what kind of a mate are you trying to attract if you're putting out the false flag of financial force?

Back when I lived in Seattle, I listed to the Tom Lykis show quite a bit.  And his stated goal was to get men laid.  Not exactly something to aspire to if you have morals, but still....  millions of listeners, and his advice got 'em laid, so Lykis obviously had something going.  And just about every bit of advice he gave with his "Lykis 101" hour revolved about using women's base instincts against them to get into their pants.  One of the tips he used to give was to withdraw as much money at one time as you can from an ATM, and then put the money right back into your banking account.  BUT....  you kept the receipt from your withdrawal in your wallet, and at just the right moment, you "accidentally" drop it where the young lady you wish to get intimate with will see it.

Worked like a charm, from what I could see.  I was dating the Ragin' Mrs. at that point, so I didn't go out clubbing or trying to get laid, but Lykis had a huge following in Seattle, and his pointers worked.  They worked because there are enough women out there who allow those base instincts to control them, and that allows men to control the women.

If you're attracting women by putting out a show of wealth, guess what kind of women you're going to attract?  Hmmmmmm.......

As for me, the Ragin' Mrs. married me when I was dirt poor, so I don't have to worry about her trying to get my cash.  Hell, my goal has been to improve our situation every year, so that by the time I retire we'll be richer than we ever were.

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