Day by Day

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Daddy got his new pair of shoes

New Balance 810v2.  They're my transition into minimalist running shoes, but they have good cushion, and when I ran my test lap around the store they kept my feet in the proper position.

Light, too.  REAL light.  And they're trail running shoes, since I run about half on pavement and half on dirt.

We'll see how they do.


Rivrdog said...

You ought to be running trails in boots, dude. Readiness and all that rot. When my daughter went to USMC boot at Parris Island 25 years ago, they ran in boots. If the wimmen can...

Ragin' Dave said...

When the time comes for me to run up trails in boots, the fit has hit the shan, and I guarantee that my footwear will be the least of my problems.

Besides - the Army has a term for all those "hardcore" folks who do nothing but run in boots. They're called the "P2 Profiles", and they can't run anymore after a while.