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Friday, April 05, 2013

You wanna know why I'm not hot on the Jesuits?

Or why I think a Jesuit being named Pope isn't a great thing?


Spokane’s Gonzaga University [Jesuit run Catholic school] has denied a Knights of Columbus group application to be recognized as an official student organization. Those seeking the status were notified of the University’s decision at a meeting on March 7.

The group was notified of the decision by Dean of Students Kassi Kain and Assistant Director for Student Activities Dave Rovick.

“The Knights of Columbus, by their very nature, is a men’s organization in which only Catholics may participate via membership,” says a letter obtained by The Cardinal Newman Society written by Sue Weitz, Vice President for Student Life. “These criteria are inconsistent with the policy and practice of student organization recognition at Gonzaga University, as well as the University’s commitment to non-discrimination based on certain characteristics, one of which is religion.”
So a Jesuit university denies a Catholic group because you have to actually be Catholic in order to be part of said Catholic group.

Folks, the Jesuits are just as bad as the nuns who backed Obamacare.  Marxism has infiltrated the Catholic church, and I think that the Jesuits are a pretty good example of what happens when you allow statist ideologies into religion.

A religious organization with actual standards would have simply said "Of course the K of C can have their group, and if people don't like it, perhaps they shouldn't attend a CATHOLIC university."  But that would take balls, and as Ann Barnhardt is often pointing out the Marxist-Homosexualists who have infiltrated the Catholic church in America care more about their political ideology than their theology.

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