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Saturday, April 13, 2013

So lookie what I found here!

You know all about how Obama wants you to pay your fair share, right?  For the common good, right?

That fucker pays 18.4% in taxes.

That's LESS THAN I PAY.  And he makes a hell of a lot more than I do!

So whenever you hear about how Obama wants the rich to pay their fair share, just remember these words:


I am sickened by my country right now.  I am sickened that they re-elected this god-damned hypocritical lying sack of shit, and I'm sickened by the fact that this country is so full of idiotic, mouth-breathing, teat-sucking, slack-jawed fucking morons that they actually swallowed that fucking fascist's lies so that he could spend another four years lying to the world.

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MauserMedic said...

I got one of them in my family. Works a crap job for crap pay, unemployed wife who can't find a job, but they both find money for tattoos and cigarettes. And find time to ask us to help them pay off a print as a "birthday present" to them. But criticize President Rat Ears and we get to hear how persecuted he is, and how much he's done to make the country better. Can't fix stupid.