Day by Day

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Ho. Lee. Shit.

"We have to break through the idea that kids are YOUR kids."

Take a good hard look at what the fascist progs really think.

Remember, to the Progressive Left, these kids aren't YOUR kids, they are the COMMUNITIES kids, which means that the COMMUNITY can do what they want with them.

Oh, and the whole bullshit about not spending enough on Education?  We spend more on education now than we ever did, and we are increasingly turning out uneducated, ignorant, intellectually stunted adults, indoctrinated is Marxist agitprop, rather than actual EDUCATED INDIVIDUALS.  Why the hell do we want to spend more money on it?


Crotalus said...

That's exactly it. You touched on it in your post, but the point is we are not spending more and more on education, but on indoctrination. When my son was in high skool (misspelling deliberate to make a point), I had to counter a lot of what his history teacher was claiming.

Anonymous said...

All your child are belong to us.