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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Democraphics Doom Dem's Demagoguery?

Most likely, yes.  As the Puppy Blender is fond of pointing out, thinks that cannot go on forever, won't.

The unfunded non-means tested middle class entitlement state is the foundation of progressive Dem power. Without it they have nothing but naked crony capitalism, outright bureaucratic empires like the educational-industrial complex and the racial grievance industry. 
Obama is trapped…the Dems can’t be for tax reform, they can’t be for entitlement reform, and they can’t tax the middle class without destroying the left/New Class ruling coalition. There aren’t enough “rich” to tax sufficiently…AND there will soon be a borrowing constraint. The people have been systematically lied to for over 70 years–lies they have wanted to hear, though. If they ever figure out that it is THEY who have to pay for the welfare state and that–systematically–younger cohorts will pay a lot more and get a lot less, there will be hell to pay.

Demographics may very well end the Democrat's power, as their lust for more money hits the brick wall of reality that says you can't get any more from a population that's already being soaked.  However.....

I'm willing to bet that before that happens, the Left will destroy what remains of this country in their desperate bid for political power.  So no, I'm not really all that hopeful about the future at this point, and the re-election of that fucking Nazi Obama only reinforces my belief.  Who needs reality when you have a Marxist Messiah to sooth you with false promises that you willingly accept?

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