Day by Day

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Left work tonight

At around 2015 hrs.  Heard a pack of coyotes having themselves a sing-along about a football field away from where my car was parked.  Living here is....  interesting.  I wonder how many fluffy kitties will go missing tonight.

Serves 'em right, the demon-spawned bastards.


Crotalus said...

Oho! Don't like kitties, eh? S'okay. I'm a dog and snake man, myself.

Ragin' Dave said...

I like cats. They're great with a little butter and lemon to cut through the grease.

Gerry N. said...

I have a pit bull bitch, 80# of cuddle who is totally intimidated by oour old cat Smokey, 15# and 20 yrs. old. Smokey is an outdoor cat, survivor of many coon and coyote attacs. He started as an Item on a coyoute menu, I didn't expect him to last a week. Fooled both me and the coyotes, he did.

Gerry N.