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Monday, February 18, 2013

Zipping it up

Ever since I quit smoking cigarettes, my Zippo lighters have been sitting in a box unused.  You don't want to light a cigar with a Zippo, the fuel makes it taste like ass. 

Saturday, when I went into my local cigar shop (which is closing, dammit), I found these bad boys.  They replace the inner guts of a Zippo with a torch lighter, so I can now use them for my cigars, burning stuff, and what have you.

So my brass Zippo, with "Molon Labe" inscribed on it?  Back in use.  Booyah, baby.

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John A said...

They are pretty good. Mine stopped working reliably after about a year: seems there is some internal component that is now out of true, so just pressing the lever does not engage the igniter: I have found that slapping it down on a magazine or catalog puts it back in working order to light.

And I like having a lever nice, as opposed to building up a callous working the wheel. Why this did not make the move from table lighters to pocket lighters a century ago is beyond me. I gave one to a sister, whose friend had to have someone else manipulate the wheel or carry matches: the lever can be used with almost anything as a tool - book, table edge, even a medicine bottle...