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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Had a chance to visit the local ER last night

The Ragin' Mrs. had a mishap - nothing serious, but painful enough to require a doctor to look at it, and she's got a high pain tolerance so when she's telling me that things hurt, it's most likely out of my first-aid capabilities.

Observation one:  The ER waiting room was packed, and maybe 50% of those folks spoke any English at all.  The native English speakers constituted about 10% of the waiting room.

Observation two:  It was Monday night, and the place was packed.  The staff said that it had been like that since the New Year.  What changed that would make ER traffic pick up and stay up?

Observation three:  There were enough sick kids in that place to make me come home, slather myself in sanitizing gel and pour Airborne down my throat.  Ugh.  Snot and phlegm everywhere.

Observation four:  I don't know if this is apropos of anything but the huge amount of people in the ER were Latino, and one thing we did notice was an abundance of fathers actually being fathers.  Very few single women in there with their kids alone.  If a child was there, most likely their dad was too.  That was good to see.

Observation five:  Four hours of sleep doesn't do Dave very well at all these days.

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