Day by Day

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The past few days

Have been spent in Arizona, with the in-laws, and I have had a good time.

I smoked many a cigar outside next to a firepit.

I have drank way too much bourbon.

I have caroled at a nursing home with the rest of the in-laws.  We managed three-part harmony, or four part if one person wandered off the melody a little too far.

I have enjoyed a feast that most people would give their eyeteeth for.  Crown roast of pork, sweet potatoes, stuffing made from scratch with all kinds of good ingredients, green bean casserole from scratch, asparagus, home-made bread, brandied yam soup, home-made panetone,  and plenty of good wine to wash it down.

I have managed to relax a bit in the past few days, and yet, in the space of less than half a day, I drove back into a state that I loathe, a city I cannot stand, to return to a job that I detest.  And all that relaxation has vanished.

It's going to be a long few years.


rivrdog said...

Meh. Yes, the dreaded after-Christmas "mehs".

Stay sharp, your Commander-in-Chief will probably have YOU fighting the likes of ME before your tour is up....

...careful now...

Ragin' Dave said...

You're assuming that the order to attack other Americans would be followed.....