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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Punch Back Twice As Hard

Steven Crowder gets sucker-punched by union goons in Michigan.  Obama yawnsThe Americans For Prosperity tent gets torn down after a Democrat screams "THERE WILL BE BLOOD!" on Twitter.  It's ignored by the National Socialist Democrat Worker's Party media and Propaganda Warehouse.

Fuck.  Them.  Up.

The next time some union goon starts beating on people, take a pipe to them so hard and so fast that they're eating their dinners through a straw for the rest of their miserable, pathetic lives.

They bring a knife?  We bring a gun. 

Fuck 'em.  They're enemies of freedom, and pawns of a Marxist regime.  Fuck them to hell, and let them cry when all their violence comes back at them ten-fold.


Rivrdog said...

Ummmm, where were the Lansing cops? I watched that video on Fox several times, and in all the various videos taken there at the"Rotunda", I never saw a single cop.

That's very suspicious, since there was plenty to indicate that the confrontation there was going to escalate.

I suspect that the cops were under orders to let the union goons have their moment. The police commander who issued that order must be fired, then prosecuted.

Ragin' Dave said...

It wouldn't shock me to see that confirmed. The same thing happened in Madison when the Left was going absolutely bonkers - the goons assaulted anyone who dissented from their point of view, and the cops were either told to ignore it, or possibly just had too much on their hands to deal with at that point due to the outbreak of violence.

JerseyJerry said...

I've operated under the assumption for many years that the police are not your friends. If the SHTF, I really expect many of them to take the side against citizens. In my 65 years on this earth, I never expected my country, the country I wore the uniform of, to travel down this road.

Rivrdog said...

A day later, I seem to recall that the most recent use of militias in this Nation was to offer counter-violence to union goons, some 85 years ago, right up near this incident, in the Great Lakes region.

Maybe it's time for militias again.

Mark Alger said...


I beg to differ. Unions are not the tools or pawns of a marxist regime. They may not even be -- individually -- marxists. What they are -- as a corporate entity -- is Marxism. These ARE the workers of the world, uniting, to -- scorn quotes -- "throw off their chains."

They are also a bunch of old, fat, and increasingly irrelevant neanderthals. And that's an insult to neanderthals, but you get the point.