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Friday, November 16, 2012

Spitting nails

Libertarians provided the margin of victory for Obama.

You want to know why I'm not a "Big L" libertarian?  When provided with an opportunity to get rid of the worst president in history, a Marxist, anti-American douche-tool, they chose their ideology over their country.

I ain't that fucking dumb.  Small steps forward are better than huge steps backwards.  And if I piss anyone off with that comment, please see Larry Correia's rant in the post directly below this one.  Yes, he's writing that to a guy who voted for Obama, but it holds just as true in the big picture to those who avoided Romney because of ideological purity.


Yuri said...

I don't consider myself a big "L" Libertarian either; but for other reasons.

Mostly because your reason is the stupidest and evilest reason I've ever heard.

You choose your country over your ideology.

Whic is exactly what made the evilest governments and regimes in history possible; AND exactly the reason why America (as founded) is now defunct.

You "ain't that dumb," ?!?

No, you ain't. You're a shitload dumber than that.

Intellectually and morally retarded, in fact.

Yuri said...

p.s. you've also made a mockery of the title of your own blog by advocating this kind of placement of "peace" over "freedom".