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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Do not let "Perfect" be the enemy of "Good"


Anonymous said...

Found this article today. It's very favorable for Romney, although it's not necessarily intended to be.

In summary -- Democrat registration is down in swing states, and Republican registration is up. Independent registration is way up, and almost every poll right now shows Romney crushing Obama amongst independents. Many of them by more than 10 points. CBS/NYT has Romney +12 with independents. NPR has him +12. ABC has him +8. I'm starting to get my hopes up for a decisive (300+ EV) victory. Obama's best hope is to have a turnout ratio the same as 2008, and even in that scenario, he wins a nailbiter.

JimmyKruz said...

Don't let "good" be the enemy of "less evil"

Ragin' Dave said...

As Whittle points out: One of these two men will be president. Which one are you going to choose?

JimmyKruz said...

I have two dogs, aged 12 and 13, and theyre both over 100 lbs.
I suspect that they will not both live more than four more years.
Therefore, that is the time I need.
Therefore, I will vote for Romney.

A. If I had a wife and children, I would sit out this election and all future elections.
B. If you think theres a better reason (than mine) to vote for Romney, you're fooling yourself.
C. The type and degree of liberty intended by the founding fathers will never be achieved in America.
D. More, Americans will never have more freedom than they have TODAY.
E. I cannot stop "conservatives" from joining their leftist adversaries in the competition to see who can drown their kids in the tub more slowly. I am forced to watch it happen. But, BY GOD, I won't help you do it.

And before you ask if I have a reasonable alternative; YES, I do. But nobody's got the balls for it, and I cannot do it by myself.

Ragin' Dave said...

A: Nobody has the balls for it? How do you know?

B: Og has the best summation, in my opinion -

"Well, as has been said so many times, we’re not going to vote our way out of this mess, and that’s true. But we can work our way out of it, incrementally, and slowly, which is how we got here in the first place."

JimmyKruz said...

A. I guess I don't know that. But I'm pretty sure that not enough to make a difference have the balls for it. I could actually think of more than one potential "solutions" or scenarios. One of which would have as its first step joining together with all those who DO have the balls, all in one place. This would typically necessitate quitting one's job, selling one's home & most personal belongings, and moving - perhaps across country -- TOMORROW (o.k., Wednesday, if you prefer).
Another requires a FIRST step of NOT VOTING at all tomorrow. The second step would be a lot of patience, sacrifice, and forbearance. And the third step would involve YOU killing the government officer (most likely your local cop) when he comes to enforce an unconstitutional, and unreasonable law or ordinance. Why? because the Rule of Law is dead -- so what use courts? And this, regardless of whether Romney or Obama wins tomorrow.
I don't recommend (and wouldn't take part in) either of these "solutions"; but I consider both of them preferable to voting for Romney and thinking that things will improve in terms of liberty .... EVER.

B. Sorry, it only works the other way around. You can't incrementally CLIMB a slippery slope.

p.s. do you think that socialized medicine will ever go away in America? Even if both houses of Congress passed a full repeal of Obamacare -- with NO replacement -- Romney would never sign it. Not that it matters, because both houses will never pass such a full repeal. Again, .... EVER!