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Saturday, October 27, 2012

The NHL is cancelling games


Outta sight, outta mind.  The longer the games stay off TV and out of the papers, the less people will care. And as much as I love hockey, it's only the 4th most watched sport in the USA.

So guess what's going to happen when people turn on their TV and don't see any games on except Gangsterball Thugball basketball during the winter?

Yeah.  Good luck getting your audience back, you morons.


Crotalus said...

I remember the baseball strike that cancelled the World Series on year. Some predicted that sales would drop of by only five percent the next year; other said it would be a horrifying 8%. The truth was a stunning, mind-blasting 20%!

Ragin' Dave said...

Yep - and hockey doesn't have the traditional fan base that baseball does. I'm willing to bet that the NHL won't recover from this for decades to come.

Rivrdog said...

Won't recover, ever. Most of the good players have European roots and are happily back there playing. NHL will have to start over from scratch.