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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Photo Time!

So, I had some spare time on my hands, inbetween going to Mass, church picnic (the Ragin' Mrs. made her pulled pork), picking out the newest member of the Ragin' household and trying out a new cigar.  So, what to do, what to do.....


Howzabout a political rally of Conservative thought?  In Los Angeles?  HELL YES!  The Ragin' Mrs. and I drove down, where we were greeted by a line of Gadsden Flags, Old Glory in all her various iterations, and plenty of patriots to go around.  I snapped a few shots of signs I liked.  Click on the photos to get the bigger versions, although I had to size them down for the blog:

When I drove by this lady I honked like mad, with my $5.00 per gallon expenditure.  

There was a decent crowd on hand.  I don't guess numbers very well, but there were at least a thousand people either sitting, standing or walking around.

We got there a little late, and Alphonzo Rachel was already speaking:

 He's just as inspiring live as he is recorded.  There were a quite a few local speakers, and then Ben Shapiro got on stage:

 I loved this woman's shirt so much I had to ask to take a photo of it:

 Finally, the man I had come to see speak:  BILL WHITTLE!

The last speaker of the afternoon was Dennis Prager:

Alphonzo Rachel waiting for Madison Rising:

The Mrs. and I had to retire home, in part because we had our new addition with us and he was getting a bit tuckered out from all the people.  But it was a good event.  I met a few folks who I will be contacting later, and it was nice to see that all of California ain't brain dead.  Hopefully I'll be able to go to a few more of events like this.

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