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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Ragin' Dave's Quote of the Day, Outbound edition

"It’s interesting what happens when everyone begins to realize that a tyrant is on his way out. There’s a sense permission to stop pretending that everything is okay."


From my personal experience, the Military troops who support Obama are the same kool-aide guzzling, skin-color fixated idiots who would support him even if he was caught killing kittens while having sex with four year old boys.  You're never going to reach those folks.  But the sane people?  We're looking forward to November as the end of a huge error, and hoping we can undo the damage before it's too late.

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MauserMedic said...

I remember well the day in the Sinai Peninsula in 2008, when I was told I "needed to get my thinking right" by a Specialist offended by my voting choice (Palin, with a serious hope McCain would stroke out within thirty days of assuming office). I'm sure she'll be voting the same, as will I: against Obama.