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Friday, August 10, 2012

Ragin' Dave's Quote of the Day, Gettin' Ripped Off edition

 Everyone forty fifty or younger needs to be so pissed off about Social Security that their rage can be felt as actual heat in Washington D.C.

But I didn’t get a vote on Soshe Security. It was fait accompli — despite the clear intention in the framework of our government that there be no permanent program, that every thing be reconsidered every two years, with gridlock being the order of the day. I was not represented when it was decided that I would be robbed at gunpoint of fifteen percent of my productivity for life to pay for someone else’s woefully inadequate retirement pittance.
Emphasis mine.



Mark Alger said...

It's worse than that, Dave. I'm coming up on 60. If you or anybody thinks I'm gonna see a dime of "my" money, you need to share those drugs. The controversy over Ryan is the sound of Washington spinning madly to save its ass from when Boomer seniors realize en masse that they've been duped. If Ryan can sell his message he's a lock. If he can't, it's gonna get ugly. But EVERYbody, regardless of age, should be making alternative arrangements.


Ragin' Dave said...

It's gonna get ugly regardless, when the Free Shit Army has their free shit cut off because we've run out of everyone else's money. The Mrs. and I are making our alternate arrangements, but there's no guarantee that any of it will be any good if civilization as we know it plunges off a cliff.