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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Modern Church Music....

....makes me grit my teeth.  Went to church this AM, and all the liturgical music had been re-done into some kind of hippy-dippy "Oh-look-at-how-I-can-syncopate-stuff" trash.

When even the Cantor has problems following the music, you're singing the wrong kind of music, mmm-kay?  You want to bring some sort of meaning back into the Mass?  Then sing the songs as they were meant to be sung.




Angus Dei.

Sing them in Latin.  Sing them to the music that they have been sung to for hundreds of years.  Don't pretend that some over-educated hippy from the 70's can rewrite these sacred songs for the better, because they clearly can not.  As Ann Barnhardt puts it, stop it with the Happy Super-fun Rockband church crap.

Go back to treating the Mass as worshiping God, not a concert solo opportunity.

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