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Thursday, August 16, 2012

I must disagree with the statement, but not the article

Instapundit has a link to an article about how Gonorrhea is winning, and how we need newer, and better antibiotics.

I have a better idea - keep your dick in your pants, don't fuck women you don't know, always wear a condom, and Gonorrhea will die out.  Sexually Transmitted Diseases are very easy to avoid - do not have unprotected promiscuous sex.  We don't just need newer and better antibiotics, we need people to stop fucking like rats without any kind of rudimentary protection.  We need people to stop going into clubs and fucking people who's names they don't even know.  We need people to remember what it is to be human, instead of a rutting pig.

THAT is what we need.  But in the end, the problem will eventually kill itself out, along with the people it's infected.  And I really don't know if I'm going to cry too much about that. 

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