Day by Day

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

House hunting

The Ragin' Mrs. and I have been looking for a place to rent.  Needless to say, we're dealing with a little culture shock right now.  I thought maybe we would get a shoe box on a postage stamp.  Not even close.  We're getting half a shoe box on a patch of ground that could charitably be called a yard.

Coming from living in our own house to trying to find a way to fit our stuff into a broom closet?  This is housing hell.  And the people looking to buy my house are claiming that my bedrooms are too small?  They've never been to LA!

The next few years are going to suck ass.


Anonymous said...

About the only thing I miss from cali is IN and Out Burger, maybe a few others things if I think about it long enough.

A reader from the land of Mordor.

Rivrdog said...

I knew LASO Deputies who lived in pickup campers on their days off, jail cells when working, for 3 years so as to accumulate the down payment to buy a small condo way out in the Valley.

It's Kali, it doesn't have to be normal...

Ragin' Dave said...

We might have a lead that would be almost perfect. Keep us in your prayers.